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Location: Old Blue Last, Shoreditch/Old Street


So, this week I returned my favourite place in East London to catch live music, Old Blue Last. Many others who I’ve spoken with or know consider it quite the mini-institution for live music and promoting upcoming acts or artists alike and this week would prove no different.

The night would be headlined by B-Town Indie up-starts, Superfood. Superfood have popped up with the Indie wave that has been noticed streaming out of the Birmingham/Midlands region in the last 18 months with bands such as PEACE, Swim Deep and JAWS having seen relative success, all having their fair share on the festival circuit and recognition from notable magazines and radio stations. In support of Superfood was Night Engine, so we’ll begin with them now.

As with my last review, Reem Kelani, I knew nothing of Night Engine. Actually, I was expecting more of DJ duo to be honest. This would certainly not be the case. Night Engine, a four-piece band, after arriving 10 minutes late stormed the stage and burst into song. What proceeded were huge bass line riffs, funky synths and a lead singer who brought the best of Bowie to Shoreditch. Taken aback by what I was witnessing I couldn’t help but start moving and dancing to what I could hear; the disco influence was clear and it certainly proved popular with the crowd, many chiming along to the choruses. A very short set, Night Engine produced a perfect set up for Superfood. Whether or not this band can progress into something greater is yet to be seen. They have a sound that is perfect for a night out of classic Bowie-esque vocals and Chic inspired dance beats, no complaints there. But can they try to be just slightly more nuanced and diverge from such a typical Bowie sound? It was literally all that ran through my head. I’ll have to go to another gig to find out, they certainly have my intrigue.

To the headline, Superfood. I first heard of this Indie/collage like band several months ago but never really thought to give them a listen until a friend of a friend mentioned their EP, ‘Mam’, was at least worth a listen. So I did and next thing I knew I was front row at Old Blue Last indulging in the ruckus that was to ensue with young teens swelling over the stage and faithful followers of the band screaming lyrics aloud carelessly. The opener, ‘TV’, felt like a blaring throwback 90s track from a collage dorm room, which was well received by the obvious student attendance in the room. 3 of the 4 tracks taken from ‘Mam’ were played and all exceeded their expectations when performed live.

The audience fed Superfood with it’s buzz and rising fever from a packed to the rim Old Blue Last and in return from Superfood we got grating guitars and lashing vocals to bounce and shove to: exactly what everyone had come for. It’s not quite the Indie-pop you would find at the moment from Birmingham. Nor is it a Nirvana-angst-ridden-grunge-fest from the barrels of some 90s Seattle basement as they did bring their own harmony with tracks like Right On Satellite and Like A Daisy, which surely will be included on their upcoming debut album. But who cares if they sound out of place from their contemporaries (PEACE, Swim Deep etc), when performing live we all had a treat to days gone by and lapped up the energy from this young band and Superfood clearly had an awesome time.


They even had one last trick for the crowd, producing a foam machine and loaded the room with foam for the final two tracks, which provided the perfect excuse for everyone to go nuts and leave foam in every crack within Old Blue Last.